I stayed Saturday, February 25th through Tuesday, February 28th. Parking garage was easy to find on Carson St, but as we learned over the stay there is always a bus or taxi right before the garage entrance, so it's a little bit of a pain driving west on Carson to the garage. No problems inside the parking garage, but the first few levels were valet only. Waited in line at check in for only one person. Once at the desk, it was painless and no surprises. After me, my friends approached and I asked the gentlemen if he could put them in a room close to mine and he worked it out for us. We were all on the 7th floor. The elevator wasn't very clean, but was a smooth ride.

Once in the room I couldn't find anything wrong on first sight. I checked the bed for bugs and all was well. I sat in one of the two chairs at the desk and it felt like it give at any moment, so I just stayed away from the chairs. The view out the window was of the top of the 4Q parking garage and the DTLV event center with a slight view of the D parking garage. The bathroom was underwhelming and outdated, but appeared clean. The first morning I found it difficult to turn on the water in the shower. I felt like I was going to break the handle just to turn on the water and then off afterward. The bed wasn't perfect, but I slept pretty well.

I thought there were plenty of different slots available, but then again I'm not a slots kind of gamer. I did play a few such as The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and video poker. I didn't see any BJ that was 3:2, just 6:5. BJ SWITCH was always full so I never got a chance to play. Almost every table game was open Saturday night, but the next few nights there was a lot less. I stayed at the Craps table a lot and there were a few entertaining dealers, but not enough to make it memorable.

Ate at Chicago Brewing Company and Magnolia. Food was good at both places. Service was terrible at Magnolia and good at Chicago. Magnolia had a lot of options on the menu, but Chicago had a 2 page menu and most of that was appetizers and 6 pizzas with some sandwiches in between. I noticed Magnolia has a long line every morning starting around 9 am and last up to lunch time. Since I ate at those places on the first and last day of the stay, I never got to use my $10 credit, but did use comps at Magnolia.

When I stay in Vegas, I'm not looking for much. Basically a no-hassle stay that's cheap and Four Queens did that for me. I leave my room before 9am and don't return until about 2am. The location of 4Q could not be better. Right in the middle of Fremont St between the D and Golden Nugget. I will definitely considering returning here on my next trip.